Saying Goodbye

With broken hearts we announce the passing of the Best Dog in the Universe, our sweet Mac, just before Christmas.

There are so many things I want the world to know about this incredible dog. He was the best bathroom attendant, the smooshiest bed hog/foot warmer, the best cure for any heartache. He had the softest ears and the most beautiful coat. His eyebrows were the most expressive and he had these incredible golden eyelashes. He was the stretchiest dog I've ever met and would stretch all of his limbs as farrrr as he could, as often as he could. He LOVED rolling around on the grass and scratching his chin against the blades of grass or carpet fibers.

He was also a Tripawd Hero. Nearly 3 years ago, he lost his leg to osteosarcoma. With only a 20% chance of living longer than 6 months, he put those odds to shame and kicked cancer's butt for 2.5 years. He would have been 14 this month. Nothing stopped him on on 3 legs - he ran, he played, he went up and down our stairs 3-5x every day, he gave us his paw and stood on his hind legs. He never wanted help and never needed help - not even at the end.

We will always miss him following us into every room, jumping on our bed and snuggling all night, demanding belly rubs at all hours, being unable to open anything in a plastic bag without him suddenly appearing, hoping for a treat. His super squishy face and those droopy jowls. We yearn for the "thump thump thump" of his tail on the wooden floors in the morning (we know our downstairs neighbors, Fadi and Karina, will especially miss this). I will always miss how deeply excited he was to see us as we came through the door after being gone.

He was instantly everyone's best friend. Our friends and family - even coworkers - have cried over this loss. While nothing can soothe the pain of Mac being gone, we have much peace over the full life he lived with us and how much pure joy he has brought us over the last nearly 4 years.

We are incredibly grateful to our friends and family, who have been so supportive through this sad time. It helps immensely knowing how many people loved him and experienced his special personality. There really are no words to express how much we have loved this dog.

Rest in peace, my forever baby boy, Tripawd Hero, Mr. Piddlepants, and Big Mac. I can't believe you're gone <3